Advantages of Using Kröpelin Ceramic Bond Tinting Film Malaysia

Advantages of Using Kröpelin Ceramic Bond Tinting Film Malaysia

Most car owners like to have their windows tinted, especially during summer. They have different reasons to do so. Some love the privacy that car tints bring, while others do it to make the interior temperature cooler. However, car things are not made equal. There are different types to choose from. When it comes to controlling the interior temperature, nothing beats Kröpelin Ceramic Bond Tinting Film in Malaysia.

While metallic tints do minimise visibility inside the car, ceramic window tint provides better heat resistance without affecting the visibility. This makes it a safer car for kids. The latter is recommended for car owners wanting more heat reduction without sacrificing the visibility.


What is Kröpelin Ceramic Bond Tinting Film?

Kröpelin Ceramic Bond is a high-class car film with nano-ceramic coating. You can have it installed by a solar windows film Malaysia supplier. It was designed to provide optimal heat rejection that is more effective than metallic car tints.

The SL Ceramic Bond also has the best IR shielding among car tints on the market today. It can shield up to 95 percent of inferred rays, and at the same time allow transmittance of light of up to 70 percent. While it provides better protection against infrared rays, it is neutral for technical signals, such as mobiles and GPS. It will not interfere with your mobile phones signal at all.


Benefits of Installing Kröpelin Ceramic Bond Tinting Film

There are lots of advantages of using the SL Ceramic Tint from Kröpelin. The first one is that it uses advanced technologies to lower the ultraviolet rays by up to 80 percent. And at the same time, it doesn’t compromise the dyes. The colours will not fade for a long period of time.


When you have it installed by a reputable car tinted Malaysia company, the cost of Kröpelin is just around 20 to 25 percent more compared to metallic car tints. However, the ceramic window tint doesn’t darken the glass, which makes it a good choice for people who don’t like their windows to be too dark.

The Kröpelin Ceramic Bond Tinting Film is recommended for the value conscious consumers who look for quality in the materials. Not only that, but also it helps maintain the aesthetic value of the car and at the same time help in controlling the temperature of the interior. You’ll save a lot more on air conditioning, which in turn results to fuel savings.


Among the tinted film Malaysia, choose Kröpelin Ceramic Bond Tinting Film. It is the high-end solution to your car tinting requirements. The modern nanotechnology provides better cooling efficiency, as well as more natural light coming from the outside. It reduces the reflectivity of the glass by maximising the heat from infrared rays. As a result, you’ll get less heat and more light.

To be sure that you got authentic Kröpelin Ceramic Bond Tinting Film installed, contact a reputable ceramic tinting film Malaysia installer. They provide world class car tints and services and help you out with the procedure.