Kröpelin Automotive Security Films

Kröpelin Automotive Security Films

While developing the raw power of an engine and an attractive design for a car, the car manufacturers often forget about the windows, their purpose and of how big of an importance they are. Unless the glass is tempered, it will not be unable to resist to road caused damages, such as a small stone bumping from the road on to the glass, nor will it be protected by the dangers of forced entry or vandalism. Installing a safety tint film in Malaysia ensures that no harm will come to the people in close surroundings of a glass breaking.


Security Tint Film in Malaysia Ensures Protection and Privacy

The new Security AM A1 by Kröpelin is an advanced, well-developed, high-quality product and currently, the best windows tint film in Malaysia. You want some privacy while driving. The dark shades the tint film provides will enable you to leave whatever valuables you want in your car without the fear of someone noticing them and vandalising your car to steal them.


A New Level of Protection

As previously mentioned car manufacturers often overlook a car’s windows. The main and most important feature of the windows tint film in Malaysia is the security it provides. Whether it’s a car accident or someone throwing a brick at your car, the tint’s functionality is to keep the glass intact. You have certainly heard of people getting thrown out of a car’s window during an accident, it was most likely because they didn’t use a safety tint film in Malaysia.

 It additionally adds the benefit of burglars being unable to enter your car. Unless they can miraculously open your car’s door lock, there is no way a thief will break the tinted glass and steal your car.


Additional Hidden Benefits

A car is a long term investment. You want to keep the quality of the fabric covering the salon for as long as possible. Professionally installed windows tint film in Malaysia will attend to those demands. The tinted film blocks almost a 100% of the sun’s light and ultraviolet rays. Those easily influence the outer layer of the car’s cloth and shorten its lifespan by a great deal.

UV rays are also the reason people develop skin cancer or at least the aging of a human’s skin. A tint film would stop those from falling on your skin and protect you. It is especially important for people who drive for a longer period of time as statistics show that more than half of the skin cancer patients have developed the disease on the left side of the body, which also not coincidentally is the driver’s side of the car. Stopping the UV rays will also drop down the temperature in the coupe and allow you to reach the balance of conditioning for you and the passengers.


These are only a short amount of the benefits a windows tint film in Malaysia would bring. Don’t wait; take a consultation with a professional.