Haverkamp SL® Automotive Windows Tint Film Malaysia

car tinted windows film

Haverkamp SL® Automotive Windows Tint Film Malaysia

Haverkamp SL Best Bond, SL Royal Bond, SL Pure Bond, SL Special Bond

car tinted windows film

Car Tinting Malaysia is basically the process of utilising films or laminate into our glass interior. Most people usually do this in order to reduce the glaring effect, UV and of course the heat. In most cases, the company use polyester in manufacturing auto film Malaysia because of its clarity and durability. Perhaps one of the best auto window films that you can use to enhance your glass features would be Haverkamp SL. Their products are manufactured using an excellent level of standard. Aside from the fact that it can reduce the amount of sunlight and UV rays it also prevent the premature depreciation of your car by averting the fading of your interior.


A Comprehensive Analysis of the SL Series

To give you a sneak peek about the different types of SL window tint films, we decided to create a comprehensive guide that will help you decide which film is suitable for your needs.


SL Best Bond

The SL Best Bond is constructed using the multi-layer film innovation. Its main function is to manage the ideal heat in your car’s interior. This auto film Malaysia also has the capacity to decrease the load of our AC which ultimately results to a decreased consumption of fuel and CO2 emission. It can reflect more than 99% of the UV rays that may compromise the quality of our interior. It also gives you an unmatched privacy protection, and it reduces the glaring that will allow you to properly monitor your rears. It also adds value in terms of aesthetic appeal.


SL Royal Bond

Just like the Best Bond, the SL Royal Bond can also reduce the amount of heat in your car’s interior. It can also improve your privacy especially if you ask the tinted shop Malaysia to use darker tint. In terms of aesthetic styling, the SL Royal Bon is truly unparalleled.


SL Pure Bond

Pure Bond is a window tint film Malaysia that is designed for all types of car. It also provides a high level of privacy and glare protection. In addition, it can also repel almost 99% of the UV rays. Its capacity to reflect the UV rays will also allow you to achieve a desirable level of temperature inside your car. It is a non-fading type that you will enjoy for the years to come. It has a scratch-resistant surface, and it highlights a high-class optical property.


SL Special Bond

This Auto film Malaysia exudes luxury that is available in a huge selection of tint. All colours of tint provide the same level of privacy, UV and heat protection. It can also be used in a wide range of vehicles. With its ability to deflect the heat, you will be using the AC unit less frequently which reduce your fuel consumption.


In case you want to add some value to your car and protect your investment, you should consider adding window tint film Malaysia to your car. It can give you protection against heat, UV radiation and glaring which will make your driving experience more comfortable. It can also be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.


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