Reasons Not to Tint Your Car Windows Too Dark


Reasons Not to Tint Your Car Windows Too Dark

There are many benefits to tinting your car windows such as reducing the heat inside the car, Reduces the glare to provide comfort while driving, provides safety and protection and many others. However, going too far with it could be counterproductive. Tinting your windows too dark could potentially put you in dangerous situation. If you are inexperienced on the matter car tinting Malaysia could be quite tricky.



That is why we took the liberty of creating a list of reasons to not tint your car windows too dark and use the proper tinted film in Malaysia:


You should abide by the law

At a certain point the used windows tint film Malaysia could be too much and the windows could be too dark. Different legislatures have different requirements on the matter of how dark a car window could be in terms of percentage. For example in the United Kingdom the level of darkness on a window depends on when the car was first used. Cars that were registered before the first of April 1985 should have 75% of the light passing through the front side windows and 70% through the back side windows, while cars registered on a later date are required to have at least 70% of the light passing through each side.

If an officer stops you, he has the right to measure the tint level on your automobile and you will be penalised if you do not meet the requirements. You would definitely want the car tinting Malaysia be done by professionals to prevent such occurrences. They have the proper skill set, knowledge, experience and use the best windows tint film in Malaysia. And most importantly they are always up to date with current regulations regarding the matter.


It draws more attention

As with anything else, attention could become the opposite of what you want, even if you originally sought it.  Most people actually tint the windows of their car to avoid the eyes of people. It provides a certain sense of privacy and that sounds great at first, while they won’t see you inside the car, your car will certainly be noticed and might attract the attention of the law enforcement or robbers.

While there is nothing to worry about first as long as you meet regulations, the latter could cause a lot of trouble.


Your vision could be impeded while driving

While it’s sunny, you are bound to get protected by the glare of the sun, however, things change once it becomes darker and when it rains.  The tinted film could cause potential danger at night as it becomes harder to see. Imagine that your headlight’s bulbs run out of energy as well. You will be very hard to notice from a distance especially because of the darker windows

 Those are just some of the reasons you shouldn’t be using a tinted film in Malaysia, however, we hope that we have managed to change your mind.  The unnecessary benefits it provides are surely not worth the risk.