Why Use Kröpelin Anti-shatter Films (ASF) ?

Why Use Kröpelin Anti-shatter Films (ASF) ?

Kröpelin Window Tint Film is the go-to place if you want to find anti-shatter films (ASF). These Window Tint Film are very thin and are applied on glass windows and doors as adhesive. Many people have come to understand the benefits of these films in buildings. They were most commonly used in embassies, government offices, and other security-sensitive buildings but they have now become a common addition in homes, schools and various businesses. Kröpelin supplies the best shatter protection films in the market.


Characteristics of These Shatter Protection Films

Whenever you are shopping for anti-shatter films (ASF) you need to look through the characteristics of the film so that you are able to get the most out of the purchase and installation. Kröpelin blast mitigation films are between 115µ and 230µ in thickness. This is impressive because the film does not make your glass door or window bulkier. It is also beneficial for the aesthetics as your window still looks fairly normal. Additionally, the shatter protection film helps in reducing the irradiation from UV rays by up to 99%. These films are available in neutral colours which is very convenient. They can, therefore, be used alongside privacy protection and sun glare without having to go through a hassle. Another characteristic of the protection film from Kröpelin is that it is highly resistant to heat, so it stays intact even in very high temperatures. This is unlike other films that are sensitive to heat which means that you have to replace them every once in a while because of heat interference. The latter is more expensive while the shatter protection film from Kröpelin helps you to save your hard-earned money.


If you are wondering why you need to get this film on your windows and glass doors, the following are the benefits:

Protect Your Business from Burglars with Blast Mitigation Film

This anti-shatter films (ASF) help to protect your business or your home from burglars and thieves. The weakest point of a building is the window. If someone wants to gain access into your building, all they have to do is break a window, and they are in. With the use of this protection film, your glass doors and windows do not fall apart when struck with a hard object. The adhesive on the blast mitigation film helps to keep the glass intact and maintain edge control. The Achilles Heel of your home or business is now secure.


Maintaining Safety during Natural Disasters and Social Disturbance

Blast mitigation film stays intact in case of a bomb blast, a civil disturbance or any natural disaster that leads to window breakage. This protects people within and outside the building from getting hurt by shards of glass. Many deaths and injuries that are experienced in such situations are a result of window and glass breakage.

Kröpelin anti-shatter films (ASF) are high-quality films that will help to keep your environment safer by dealing with window and glass door breakage. It helps to improve the safety of workers in buildings, passersby and the occupants of a home.